Mine production in China for year 2011, based on crude ore is estimated 1200 million metric tons.

"U.S. Geological Survey" retrieved 2012-08-20

Copper has been in use at least 10,000 years, but more than 96% of all copper ever mined and smelted has been extracted since 1900, and more than half was extracted in only the last 24 years.


Historical sources dating to the 4th century describe the production of coke in ancient China.

The Coming of the Ages of Steel - Brill Archive

There are zinc mines throughout the world, with the main mining areas being China, Australia and Peru. China produced 29% of the global zinc output in 2010.

"Mineral Commodity Summaries 2009: Zinc" - Tolcin, A. C. (2011)


Spectro Invest Corporation is a strategic advisor for clients in the mining sector. We identify and structure opportunities for off-take agreements, equity and debt investment. We also specialize in arranging streaming agreements as an alternative method of financing where we often act as principals. Streaming can be an attractive financing tool when companies prefer to greatly reduce or eliminate dilution.


The Company's vision is to become a leading participant in the acquisition and supply of certain metal concentrates including iron ore, gold, silver, copper and zinc. Demand will become more prevalent with the global growth in population numbers and the continued development of emerging economies such as China, India and Africa. These metals are a huge part of this global evolution particularly in the manufacturing of steel products for construction, automotive and infrastructure projects and the steady supply of these metals will be critical.

Our Company is fortunate to have aligned ourselves with some of world’s leading companies in this field providing us with an extensive network of industry contacts that we leverage to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.




Our strategy is to develop a portfolio of specialized metal mining assets to take advantage of the current and future need for these metals. The company will build its portfolio by arranging equity and debt financing, off-take agreements and by acquiring and entering into streaming agreements.

The company will enter into partnerships with industrial end-users and financial partners keen to secure long term supply. Urbanization in China and other industrialized nations will continue to drive the demand for these commodities thus ensuring a foundation for Spectro Invest’s future growth.

Demand for resource security by China and India to support their infrastructure expansion as well as their manufacturing needs for both domestically and export will drive the evolving business model for Spectro Invest Corporation.

  • Immediate Up-front Payment
    Spectro Invest makes an initial up-front payment in order to receive a percentage of the future commodity produced
    Ongoing Production Payments
    Spectro Invest makes a subsequent fixed payment for each unit of the commodity upon delivery from the project
    Metal delivered to Spectro Invest Corporation
    Spectro Invest receives a % of the Life of Mine Production

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